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Now for something very pretty indeed! Walking down the aisle at your chosen church or venue will be one of the highlights of your entire wedding day. For the bride, the groom and the guests it is a highly emotionally charged experience as it will be the first time the groom sees his bride in her dress. For some brides it can even feel like an out of body experience, an almost dreamlike procession which is difficult to recollect once the big day is over. I can’t remember much of our ceremony, other than the feeling of euphoria and the odd fuzzy flashback to my husband smiling, the look in one of my flower girl’s eyes as she watched the ceremony, and the thunderous applause we received at the ‘now you may kiss the bride’ moment. What I do remember vividly is how enchanting the ceremony room looked and how amazing I felt bring surrounded by such beauty.

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Despite the importance of this brief section of the day, many brides and grooms don’t place a great deal of importance on aisle decoration. Personally I think this is a mistake and a wasted opportunity to make a beautiful moment feel and look even more magical.

Aisle decoration can take any form and can be worked into your overall wedding concept. Just remember not to clutter the aisle too much and to take the width of the dress into consideration before opting for anything too dramatic. The last thing the bride wants to be worrying about is knocking over vases of flowers or catching her dress on a candle!

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The most traditional type of aisle decoration is, of course, flowers! Whether they are looped over the innermost aisle chairs, arranged casually on either side of the aisle, or positioned evenly down the length of the aisle, they look simply amazing. Petals scattered down the aisle itself can also look lovely, but remember to use silk petals rather than real to avoid staining the bridal gown. I just adore seeing big vases or urns full of flowers flanking at the entrance of the aisle, and placed near the alter or registrar’s table. If you are trying to be a little more eco-friendly then consider using high quality silk or paper flowers in your aisle arrangements, and remember to reuse all decorations you’re your church or ceremony room during the rest of your wedding day. Never ever use an item of decoration or a floral arrangement once!

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Lanterns or candles in hurricane vases or jars are incredibly romantic, especially in the winter when there’s not much natural light to play with. Just make sure that all candles are covered and are not in danger of being knocked over, either by the guests or by the bridal gown. Better yet, do what I did and get good quality electric candles! Your venue may well insist upon the use of electric candles for health and safety purposes, so be prepared for this. Using fairy lights also looks striking if it’s done in the right way. Stick to white or warm lights, and remember that less is more, unless you want your ceremony room to look like a fairy grotto!

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If you’re looking for drama and the wow factor, then you can’t go far wrong with trees! The Duchess of Cambridge executed this to perfection on her wedding day, but you can still bring an element of that to your own wedding, even if you don’t have her budget. Hiring your trees is probably the most budget-friendly way of turning your ceremony room into an enchanted woodland. Potted trees and plants are also far more eco-friendly than cut flowers.

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