Advice // Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding Day

Image: Kay English Photography {via Style Me Pretty}

In my opinion, flowers exist not only for the reproduction of plant life, but also, and quite simply, to make us happy. We give flowers to people when they need cheering up or when we wish to mark a special occasion, we bring them into our homes to add a bit of life and colour to our surroundings, and we nurture them in our gardens for their beauty and scent. Floral arrangements, accessories and embellishments stand out in the memory and make the whole experience of getting married a real celebration of life, of abundance, and of beauty. There’s nothing quite like an arrangement of exquisite blooms to calm the mood, lift the spirits and to make you feel that this particular occasion is really very special indeed. In short, flowers make us feel good!

Images: Lauren Fair Photography {via Ruffled} // Peaches & Mint Fine Art Photography {via Burnetts Boards}

It’s hardly a surprise therefore that flowers play a large part in the vast majority of weddings in the UK and that they are an element upon which we are happy to blow the budget. Getting your wedding flowers right is absolutely essential, as it is with any large expense on your budget spreadsheet! In times past the flowers and herbs included in the bride’s bouquet were thought to have magical powers and the ability to protect the bride from evil spirits. However, these days we tend to choose our flowers according to what we find attractive and what will work well with our concept. That being said, there has been a recent resurgence in brides being interested in the folkloric attributes of some of our most popular flowers. A bit of research online or a conversation with an experienced florist will provide you with information on exactly what each flower symbolises.

Images: Vue Photography {via Ruffled} // Kay English Photography {via Style Me Pretty} // Mint Photography {via Burnetts Boards}

Many brides and grooms will feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the flowers for their wedding. Unless one or both of you are experienced gardeners or have an existing passion for flowers, you will probably need to spend some time discussing what you both do and do not like. This conversation will often set you on the right track, however if you simply have no idea what kind of flowers you would like to include within your concept, grab a pen and paper and answer the following question…

  • Do either of you have a favourite flower?
  • Does a particular flower remind you of a special event in your life?
  • What flowers do you believe would go well with your concept? This will definitely change over the next few months as you meet with your florist and discuss your ideas, however it’s good to commit some ideas to paper
  • What flowers appeared at your mothers’ own weddings? Perhaps you would like to include some elements from their bouquets in your own.
  • Research the meanings of flowers and see if any of them speak to you
  • If you’re really struggling for ideas then take a trip to a garden centre or even arrange a day out at your local botanical gardens to gather inspiration
  • What season are you getting married in? Keep in mind that some flowers will not be available to winter brides and grooms

Images: Apryl Ann Photography {via 100 Layer Cake} // Lauren Fair Photography {via Ruffled} // Lauren Whyte Photography {via Wedding Chicks}

Once you have a collection of flower names, you will want to turn those names into a source of inspiration, both for yourself and for your wedding florist. The best ways of collecting images of flowers together is to start a mini scrap book, to create mood boards and to start a dedicated board on Pinterest. Just remember to take your scrap book and mood boards along with you when you meet potential florists.

--Lottie ♥