Advice // Could A Winter Wedding Be Right For You?

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Winter wedding season is finally upon us and I have to say that, for me, there’s nothing quite like a festive wedding to add a spark of magic to winter’s dark and cold days. In fact, I love winter weddings so much I had one myself!

There are many benefits to hosting a wedding in the winter which I’d like to draw your attention to, aside from the intrinsically enchanting atmosphere of celebrations held at this time of year. Take a look at the points below to see if a winter wedding could be right for you…

Winter weddings are often a little more budget-friendly:

Many venues have cottoned on recently to the upsurge in brides and grooms choosing to host a winter wedding, however some still charge far less during the colder months. As long as you stay away from the Christmas period, it is likely that your venue will offer you a reduced price that can be anywhere from ten to fifty percent lower than the summer prices. You may also find that wedding suppliers and planners lower their prices in the winter to ensure a constant flow of clients year round.

Wedding venues often display decorations for the festive season, so the amount of money you need to set aside for decorations and flowers could be lower if you choose to incorporate or rely entirely on existing items. Just be sure to double check when the venue decorations go up and when they come down.

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Something a little different:

As the vast majority of weddings take place in spring and summer in the UK, it is likely that your wedding will be the only one within your immediate circle scheduled during the winter months. If you want to distinguish yourself from the other weddings planned in a given year, then choosing to host your special day during the wedding ‘down-time’ could do the trick. It’s also lovely to give your loved ones something bright and sparkly to look forward to as the nights draw in.

Greater availability of wedding suppliers:

Sometimes the best wedding suppliers and venues are so busy during the popular spring and summer months that you need to book them two years or more in advance! For brides and grooms who do not want a long engagement, it would be that you simply cannot get anywhere near them if you choose to get married during their busiest periods. However, you may be able to book a popular supplier or venue during the winter months when they are a little more quiet.

Gorgeous winter wedding attire:

I am a huge fan of wedding dresses, particularly ones designed for winter brides! But as well as gorgeous dresses, winter brides also have the option of adding a faux fur stole or cape, or a cozy cardigan to their outfit to keep them warm during the journey to the venue. There’s just something so romantic about fur placed against lace!

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More of your guest list will be able to attend:

Most people schedule their main family holiday during the summer, so you may find that lots of the people on your guest list are already busy with a prior engagement if you host a summer wedding. Scheduling your wedding for the winter months may mean that more of your guests are able to attend your big day.

The cons of a winter wedding:

While there are plenty of great reasons to host a winter wedding, there are a few negative points to consider. The first and most obvious being the chance of bad weather! Snow just before the wedding takes place could mean that some of your suppliers and guests cannot make it to the venue. There really is no fix to this issue, however I would suggest that you buy wedding insurance if you decide to go for a winter wedding, just in case.

Another con is to do with flowers. You will probably find that your choice is a little restricted in the winter, and the flowers that are available could be expensive when compared to their summer price. This will be due to the need to import flowers from warmer climates. If you are on a tight budget or if you are hosting an eco-friendly wedding, then you may like to consider paper or silk flowers.

--Lottie ♥