Advice // Decorating Your Venue Without Assistance

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If you have opted for a backyard wedding reception, or if your big day will be taking place in a venue which does not offer a team to lay out and take down your rooms, then you may need to take on the responsibility of decorating your venue yourself. Quite often, more relaxed venues such as barns, isolated eco lodges and inner city warehouse will not have an in-house team on hand to assist you, so the task of coordinating your day will fall to you.

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Now, this may seem like a daunting task, but if you remain organised and relaxed and put together a team of trusted assistants, it is perfectly within your grasp to pull this off! The best way of handling this situation is to set up your rooms with your near and dear the day before your wedding so that you can concentrate completely on yourself and your bridal party during the hours leading up to your marriage. Decorating your venue on the morning of your wedding should be avoided at all costs as it will undoubtedly lead to stress and the feeling of being pushed for time.

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If you simply cannot get around decorating your venue on the same day as your wedding, my advice is to ask your team of friends and family members to set everything up in the morning on your behalf. However, it is best to keep your maid of honour and mother with you while you prepare for your big day, so assemble your team from people who are not playing a key role in the day itself. It is also a good idea to appoint one person within the team as the leader so that decisions can be made without the need to bother you while you are getting ready.

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Once you have your team assembled get together with them a few days before your wedding and run through your plans in detail. Draw diagrams and create a decoration spreadsheet listing every item of decoration and where it should be place. Be sure to explain everything carefully so that everyone is fully informed on what needs to go where. If your team have questions on the morning of the wedding itself, ask them to be directed towards the team leader or your maid of honour. Trust in your team and remember to have your new husband thank them during his speech.

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If it is required, you should also appoint the same or a different team to deal with the take down the day after the wedding. It would not do for you and your new husband to be packing up when you should be enjoying your first day as a married couple! My advice is to charge your team with packing everything away and transporting it to your desired location, however it is best to book a professional cleaning company to take care of any leftovers once the important items have been removed.

The very best of luck!

--Lottie ♥