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Most brides fall into one of two camps when it comes to dress fittings – either they are so excited to try on their dream dress they can barely contain themselves, or they are dreading the whole experience and are worried sick that their dress will never fit perfectly. Obviously the first scenario is preferable, so I am here with some advice on how to be prepared for your fittings, and how to ensure that you make the most progress as possible at each stage.

Regardless of whether you decided to opt for a read to wear, made to measure or bespoke wedding gown, it is likely that you will need at least two fittings to make absolutely sure that ‘the one’ fits you perfectly. Unless of course you have a perfect figure…well done to you if you do!

Below you will find my advice on how to prepare for your first exploratory visit to your chosen boutiques, as well as your first and your final fittings. If it takes more than two fittings (I myself had three), then keep in mind the tips I share for the first fitting…

Hitting the bridal boutiques:

Preparing yourself for your first visit to your favourite bridal boutiques marks a very exciting point within the wedding planning process. If you are a super organised bride then you may well have your lingerie and shoes chosen before you even start the big search for your dress, but if you don’t there’s no need to worry. Informally trying on dresses at boutiques does not require the correct type of lingerie or heel height, but you may like to pop a strapless bra, some seamless knickers and a pair of heels into your bag before you leave. Just so you can get a rough idea of your final height and shape.

Your first fitting:

When the time comes for your first fitting it is very important that you have your bridal lingerie or shapewear and bridal shoes with you as the boutique staff or your tailor will need you to be as close as possible to the shape, size and height that you will be on your big day. The type of bra and shapewear that you wear will have a big impact on how the dress looks, particularly if you have chosen to wear a boned corset. It really is important that you find something that you feel comfortable in and stick to it because changing shapewear halfway through the process will totally mess up the measurements.

It is true that many brides who are having bespoke dresses made do not want to purchase their shoes until the dress is finished in order for them to complement each other perfectly. If you feel this way then take a pair of shoes with the preferred heel height to your fittings and be sure to select bridal shoes with exactly the same heel height when the time comes to purchase them.

Your final fitting:

For your final fitting it is always a lovely idea to bring your veil or headpiece with you so that you can get a good idea of the overall look. You may also like to have your makeup professionally done for the final fitting, but be very careful not to get any makeup on your dress by only having a light application. Equally, if you intend to have a spray tan for the day, I would suggest against attending a fitting while your tan is brand new so that you don’t accidently transfer it onto your pristine dress!

Try your best to schedule your final fitting for your dress, regardless of whether it is ready to wear, made to measure or bespoke, exactly two weeks before the big day. If you have the final fitting before this time you may end up with a wedding dress which simply doesn’t fit, and if you leave it until closer to the day there may not be time to fix any last minute issues. Every bride will handle the stress of the final weeks prior to the wedding in a different way. Some will comfort eat and put on a few pounds, whereas others will lose weight through stress and simply forgetting to eat. Having your final fitting two weeks before the wedding will optimise your chances of fitting perfectly into your dream dress on the big day!

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