Guest Feature // Wedding Ring Trends for 2015, by Aurus

Today on the Lace & Love Hearts blog I have a real treat for my wonderful brides and grooms in the form of a guest feature by wedding, engagement and eternity ring specialists, Aurus! Regular readers of my blog will know that I recently ran a Christmas competition with Aurus to win a gorgeous Swarovski Elements pendant, and we plan to run a brand new completion in the New Year. Keep your eyes on my blog for that one!

Today’s feature is dedicated to looking back at the most popular ring trends of 2014, as well as having a peek into the future at possible ring trends for 2015’s brides and grooms.

So, over to the Aurus for their expert advice…

This year has seen a variety of wedding ring styles take the spotlight with Aurus narrowing down the top styles for 2014. Meanwhile, the New Year will bring a new array of classic and modern styles to the forefront and we aim to predict what will be the hottest trend.

Of course the classic plain band for the classic gentleman has been a popular choice for 2014 and will more than likely stay that way into 2015. However, the shift towards a subtle touch of design is gently increasing as the choice of men’s ring style’s increases.

Take for example, a plain band, with two grooves near the edges and a brushed (matt look) finish in the centre. Subtle changes to already popular styles are increasing and as men are growing in confidence to be as picky as their significant others, the opportunity to go for something more personal to their taste makes the plain bands with a twist that little bit more appealing.

What do we predict will be the growing trend for men in 2015? Two tone rings. We won’t jump to conclusions and say they will leapfrog plain bands, but we do expect an increase in demand for them. Quite simply, two tone bands look fantastic on men and is a statement of intent for their loved one. Aurus London have the largest collection of two tone bands in London so we imagine more men will find a right style with a mix of two gold colours that suits them.

For the ladies, the most sought after 2014 style would be the twist shaped diamond wedding bands. Whether it being a plain band, a few spaced out diamonds or a half row of diamonds, twisted shaped bands have been the ring of choice for brides to be and we don’t see the trend slowing down for 2015. Ultimately, most women want a stunning wedding band that matches their engagement ring and accentuates it. The awkwardness of having a straight wedding ring not being able to sit flush against an engagement ring means more brides to be look for something shaped to sit right up next to the engagement ring without compromising the shape of the ring making it a lovely feature on its own as well.

Price and quality has always been the main concern for brides and grooms, however, with so much choice now people are looking for a specialist to guide them in choosing the perfect pair of wedding rings. Aurus London are the leading specialists for diamond engagement, wedding and anniversary rings and aim to provide a high quality bespoke service to all customers. A specialist can incorporate a person's personality and lifestyle into the wedding ring, making it a one of kind ring which is perfectly suited for that particular individual.  


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