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The most important element in your entire wedding day menu is your wedding cake. Other than the bridal gown your cake will be the creation that your guests simple cannot wait to see! The fact that the cake is so important to the overall look of a wedding day has led to many brides and grooms feeling pressured to come up with something completely unique and utterly breath-taking, as well as delicious. This need for perfection, and the time and effort it takes to achieve perfection has meant that the average couple are spending a large percentage of their overall catering budget on this one item. With this in mind, it is so important that your wedding cake is placed at the centre of your day, and that it is enjoyed to the fullest extent.

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It is true that you simply cannot have a big party without a lovely slice of cake, and your wedding day should be the biggest party of your entire life! The form which your wedding cake takes is totally up to you so treat your cake as your licence to be truly creative and to extend your wedding concept ideas into the realms of the sweet and naughty. Whether you fancy a traditional tiered creation made from boozy fruit cake, or a modern twist such as an ombre ‘naked cake’ made from light and fluffy vanilla sponge, or even a savoury alternative, you will find plenty of ideas and inspiration on wedding blogs, in bridal magazines, on Pinterest and by chatting to talented and enthusiastic cake makers.

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Alternative cake flavours:

I must admit that I’m not a great fan of traditional fruit cake, despite the fact that I love the taste of the raw mixture and the smell of it while it’s cooking! I much prefer sweeter cake flavours such as white chocolate and champagne, red velvet, and vanilla bean. If you are like me (not a fan!) then perhaps you should consider looking into some of the alternatives to fruit cake. Have a chat with your potential cake makers and see what kind of cake flavours they can offer you, and make sure that you have a taste!

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Meringues, macarons, croquembouche…

While the traditional tiered cake is still the most popular type of wedding cake, an increasing percentage of couples are opting for something a little different. I’ve seen so many gorgeous creations which look perfect as part of a wedding day despite them being a little on the unusual side! Some of the most original and mouth-watering examples included a delectable meringue tower, a huge collection of multi-coloured and glitter-covered macarons, a croquembouche which apparently defied gravity, a glazed bundt cake covered in real flowers, and a stack of chewy and gooey brownies. The list goes on and on and includes some of the most delicious-looking concepts I’ve ever seen, all of which would make an excellent alternative if you’re looking for something a little more unique to wow your guests with.

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Budget friendly cakes:

As I mentioned above wedding cakes are expensive and you may find that you need to figure out a way to save money on this particular expenditure in order for it to come in under your budget.  There are two main ways of doing this and the one you choose will depend on whether your cake needs to stand up to a large venue, or whether you can get away with a smaller cake. If you need to display a large cake then the easiest way of saving money is to add a tier or two of ‘fake cake’ in the form of foam shapes covered in the same icing and decoration as the other tiers. If you’re getting married in very grand and imposing surroundings then you will need to go all out on your cake, however there’s no point in paying for a seven tiered cake if you’ve only got one hundred guests present at your wedding. Adding a few fake cake tiers will make for a very dramatic display which will cost far less than if the tiers were actually made from cake.

Alternatively you could save money by having a small cake decorated ornately which will be on display for your guests to see and for you to cut, while having a second large and plain cake created by your cake maker which is not for display. The large cake can be kept in the kitchen at your venue and sliced up when the time comes for it to be handed out to your guests. If you love this idea but you’re worried that your small cake will be lost against the rest of your decoration then discuss the option of adding pillars or separators to your cake with your cake maker. Placing separators between the tiers of your cake will add height and drama without adding cost.

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Savoury options:

But what if wedding cake just isn’t your thing? Well don’t worry because there are so many wonderful alternatives out there just waiting to be discovered by cake-phobic brides and grooms! Some of the most popular alternatives to wedding cakes come in the shape of cheese towers decorated with figs, grapes and flowers, ornamental fruit platters arranged beautifully on tiered bases, and pie towers made from a myriad of savoury pies. Pork pies seem to be the favourite for weddings, but any type of pie would do the trick. I even saw a smoked salmon and cream cheese creation once which blew my mind as it looked exactly like a tiered wedding cake until you were really close up. Get your thinking cap on and you’re sure to come up with something both unique and yummy.

--Lottie ♥