Love Heart Exclusive // The Buns & Roses Autumn Shoot

I’m very excited about today’s Love Heart Exclusive and I’m sure you lovely lot will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it! The subject of this feature is a gorgeous wedding cake and flower design company, Buns and Roses.

As well as having a fantastic name, Buns and Roses specialise in beautifully designed and delicious celebration cakes, as well as breath-taking floral arrangements. The images included within today’s interview feature are from their latest shoot, and I’m sure you will agree that they are delightful! I’m a big fan of using the warmth of autumnal hues to add a splash of colour to a wedding, and there’s something beautiful and whimsical about these images. On with the interview!

The Lace & Love Hearts blog: Lisa and Katie, welcome to the featured suppliers section of the Lace & Love Hearts blog. Thank you so much for giving me an exclusive look at your latest shoot and for sharing your story with my readers. Tell me, what inspired you to create Buns and Roses?

Buns and Roses: We first joked about creating Buns and Roses.  We were friends through our baby sons; Lisa already had a celebration cake company, and Katie was flower arranging for family and friends’ weddings and occasions.  We both love all things weddings, so we came up with the idea of joining forces.  Once the idea was in our heads, it started to make perfect sense, especially when we came up with the name ‘Buns and Roses’ – there was no going back then!

L&LH: I love the idea of two friends who are specialist in their own areas working together. Does this make for a wonderfully creative and inspiring atmosphere?

B&R: Absolutely!  We are both so enthusiastic about the ideas each other has.  We don’t have the exact same tastes, but we do have complimentary styles.  Because we are such close friends, we know each other’s style really well and both know what the other will love.  So we are constantly showing each other ideas and inspiration.  Pinterest is fab for that – Lisa always knows when Katie is up early as the ‘pins’ start coming through her phone!

L&LH: Where are you based and how far are you prepared to travel?

B&R:  We are based in Cambridgeshire and are happy to travel around East Anglia (and beyond if the bride really wants us!)

L&LH: Please explain the process for the design and creation of a wedding cake and floral arrangements?

B&R's Katie – For me, the design process starts with the bride – her colours, her theme.  Does she want something bold and striking, or soft and romantic?  Would structured or loose-formed suit her day?  Then look at what flowers are best to use for the style, which work best together.  There are so many factors to consider – the height of the arrangements, what containers to use, the shape of the bride’s dress, is she having a veil … I love collecting all the flowers from the wholesalers and looking over the colours in my workshop.  You can really start to envisage the finished product!

B&R's Lisa: The design of the wedding cake again starts with the bride and groom. Their colour themes, wedding style and personal taste is the obvious place to start. Once this has been discussed I find sketching out the idea can help make it easier to envisage what is required. Apart from the design aspect the other important issue to address with the cake is of course the flavours! Traditional vanilla and fruit cake layers are still the most popular, but we are also getting some more usual requests for flavours which I love creating…and of course tasting!

L&LH: Many couples just do not know what they want in terms of a cake and flowers. How do you go about inspiring them to come up with their own ideas?

B&R:   Although many couples come to us not knowing what they want, they actually do have an idea of what they like by eliminating what they don’t like.  Even a bride who doesn’t have a clue what she wants for her wedding, often has a clear idea of what she doesn’t want!  A few probing questions will often point you in the right direction.  Social media (Pinterest in particular) is so helpful to couples planning their wedding.  It makes it so much easier for them to visualise the ideas you are suggesting!  Quite often, the brides will have a flower they particularly like, or one that sentimental to a family member.  This is a helpful starter point for the flower ideas, and you can build around that flower.

For the cake aspect, by discussing the style of wedding it makes it a lot easier to try and gauge the type of cake that would work best with the couple’s style. By asking what type of ideas they have for things like colours and even the venue can really help influence the cake design.

L&LH: How far ahead of their wedding day should a bride and groom approach you?

B&R:  As with all wedding suppliers, the summer months get booked up pretty early.  We would generally advise couples contact us at least a year before their wedding date.  Because we are specialists in weddings and occasions, we like to focus on one wedding per date rather than double book.  However, brides should check if we are available, even if they have under a year to go.  We know not all couples have such a long engagement (Katie planned her wedding in 7 months!)

L&LH: The idea that busy brides and grooms can come to you for both their cake and their flowers is fantastic. How should my readers go about finding more information on what you do?

B&R:  Thank you!  Being able to come to a single supplier for both cake and flowers has really appealed to couples.  As well as the obvious practical benefits, having two such key style elements for your wedding from the same team means they can tie in together beautifully (if the bride so wishes!)  Please have a look at our website or Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.  Lots of options!


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