Love Heart Feature // Homemade Events

Today on the Lace & Love Hearts blog I am featuring Somerset and Devon-based wedding and events company, Homemade Events!

Homemade Events is owned and run by two sisters, Ellouise and Flo, from the gorgeous rural setting of Somerset. It was created in order to take the stress away from planning a wedding, while also maintaining a strong sense of being handmade and completely centred around the happy couple.

This is wedding planning which is totally guided by the client and which places a great deal of importance on being highly personal and unique. Ellouise and Flo are there to make your dream of the perfect wedding come true through close attention to detail and tried and tested organisation skills.

The Lace & Love Hearts blog: Ellouise and Flo, welcome to the featured suppliers section of the Lace & Love Hearts blog. Creating a Love Heart Feature dedicated to Homemade Events has been absolutely delightful! How did Homemade Events begin?

Homemade Events: Well we both love any excuse for a party and we’re super organised so as soon as Ellouise got engaged we couldn’t wait to start the planning! Everything was homemade from scratch and every detail was thought about, from the glitter covered tumblers to the bunting and pom poms. We got complimented continuously throughout the day and for months afterwards. So, along with the compliments and the end of wedding high, we didn’t want it to end! So we decided to put our skills into an events company, Homemade Events.

L&LH: It is so wonderful that two sisters share such a passion for wedding and event planning. Do you think that being sisters means you work better together than most wedding planning partnerships?

HE: Absolutely! Like most sisters we have a very tight bond and come from a close family which means everything to us. We work really well together and bounce our ideas off of each other. We know each other so well, and our brainstorming sessions can sometimes be hilarious, finishing each other’s sentences, and guessing what the other is going to say before they even say it! We’re extremely passionate about what we do and we want this to reflect in our work.  After all we are family and you can’t change that!

L&LH: Why should brides and grooms consider hiring Homemade Events above competing wedding planning companies?

HE: Homemade Events is about creating lasting memories and giving each individual that chooses to use us the celebration they deserve without putting in the unnecessary hard work. We go the extra mile and add a personal homemade touch that will set your event above the rest. We offer different packages for different events and for different budgets. We both know that costs can spiral and they can add unnecessary stress to your event: we want to help you avoid the stress and worry!

L&LH: You are so lucky to be based in such a beautiful part of the UK! How far are you willing to travel for a client?

HE: As far as it takes us. We are more than happy to travel for our clients and if it means a trip away we aren’t complaining!

L&LH: Can you tell me a little about the different packages you have on offer for brides and grooms?

HE: We have three packages, the first is our Pom Pom wedding package aimed at Brides and Grooms wanting a stress free planning process from start to finish, as an added extra we will supply homemade pom poms to brighten up the décor. Secondly our Glitter Party package is aimed at clients who have something to celebrate. We put together a personalised proposal based on their requirements and go from there; they can also use our fantastic sequin table cloth for their special event. And lastly our Pick ‘n’ Mix package offers a complete bespoke planning service which can cater for as little or as much as you need.

L&LH: How far ahead of their wedding day should a couple approach you?

HE:  Ideally within months after the engagement but everyone is different. It is hard to know what route to go down and some couples take a lot longer to get started than others. We can plan a wedding years in advance or months and will be there for the couple as little or as much as is needed.

L&LH: How can my brides and grooms find out more about Homemade Events and your services?

HE: We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest so there are plenty of ways to get in touch! Our website should have all the information that they need but they can use the old fashioned way and pick up the phone as well.


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