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Autumn is on its way, which means the evenings are getting darker and the nights are getting longer. Outdoor parties are replaced with indoor venues and standing outside for some air becomes a rather chilly affair! Here at Party Lights South West we don’t see the start of Autumn as a bad thing. We believe that a party atmosphere is not determined by the seasons, but by the lighting.

Admittedly if the venue is reliant on standard bulb lighting or strip lighting, a party in the Winter is a sorry sight and people quickly become tired and head home as the evening draws in. At Party Lights we have a solution for events during dark evenings, which allows your party to continue well into the early hours.

We are able to provide specialist lighting for indoor and outdoor events throughout the year. Our specialist lighting includes lanterns, fairly light canopies and LOVE Letter lighting. Our lighting comes in a range of styles and colours and can be used to enhance photography and the atmosphere of a party. Our lighting is suitable for outdoors and can be used to decorate the outside of a venue to create a warm welcome for your guests. Professional lighting can enhance the look of the venue, the atmosphere of your event and ensures people continue to party late into the night, with little concern for the time!

Party Lights South West has a special offer for those of you organising an event in November. This typically dark month can be brightened with Party Lights South West who are offering a brilliant 20% off lighting for the whole month! Contact Dave to discuss your requirements and to arrange a quote.


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