What Lottie Loves this Week // Potted Plants as Wedding Décor

Images: M&J Photography {via Love My Dress} // Megan Braemore Photography {via Style Me Pretty} // Hannah May {via Rock My Wedding} // Samantha Jane Photography {via Boho Weddings} // The Nichols {via Style Me Pretty} // Lisa Dawn Photography {via Ruffled}

This week I am loving weddings which use potted plants rather than cut flowers as décor. While cut floral arrangements and accessories are very beautiful, using potted plants instead is both better for your budget and better for the earth.

Once your wedding is over your floral arrangements, bouquets, floral headpieces and buttonholes will more than likely end up in in the bin as they begin to fade quite quickly. Some brides choose to dry their bouquets (myself included) and offer the floral arrangements to their families as gifts, however most will see left over flowers as a bit of a burden.  Swapping out cut flowers for potted plants where possible will reduce this sense of waste and can save you a small fortune on imported flowers.

Potted plants can be used to line your aisle and decorate your tables, and will bring a sense of life and energy to a wedding. I’ve even seen a few examples of potted bouquets! It may sound a bit hippy, but living flowers have a different ‘feel’ to cut flowers which lends itself particularly well to the abundant and celebratory atmosphere of a wedding. My fellow garden enthusiasts will know what I mean.

Potted plants also make fantastic favours for your guests to take home, and once the wedding is over you can give all of your potted arrangements away to friends and family to plant in their own gardens or to keep inside as house plants, depending on the season of course. I cannot think of a better way of celebrating a wedding than continuing to nurture a beautiful plant as it flourishes.

To take this even further you could use potted trees as decor just as the Duchess of Cambridge did at her own wedding. Once the wedding has taken place your trees can be planted in a local woodland (with the landowner’s permission of course!) or on your own land if you are lucky enough to have a large garden or smallholding.

Potted plants are an excellent option for most weddings and I urge you to consider this very eco-friendly alternative.

--Lottie ♥