What Lottie Loves This Week // Sequin Tablecloths

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This week I am loving sparkly sequin tablecloths! Table linen often gets forgotten about while you are planning your wedding tablescape, however it’s so important to get right or the whole ‘look’ of your tables will be compromised.

White or cream table linen looks lovely if you’re going for a traditional look or if you have a very abundant tablescape and don’t want to take any attention away from it. However, if you’re looking for something different and a little more luxe then a sequin tablecloth would be perfect! Sequin tablecloths add texture and sparkle to your tablescape and may mean that you don’t need to add lots of decoration or flowers to achieve the desired look.

Sequin tablecloths are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your wedding breakfast tables, dessert table or cake table and can be picked up on eBay, Etsy or within online wedding boutiques for between £20 and £150 depending on the quality and size required. You can even hire them!

--Lottie ♥

Advice // The Bridal Bouquet

Images: Amanda Suanne {via Style Me Pretty}

The bridal bouquet is often the basis for the design of every floral arrangement and adornment included within a wedding day setup, and it should be the largest and most elaborate bouquet in the bridal party. Brides have been carrying bouquets down the aisle for generations and a fantastically dynamic and innovative industry has grown up around wedding flowers. The best way to think about the bouquet is as the bride’s most important accessory! The bouquet needs to match her dress perfectly, to compliment her body size and shape, to invoke her personality and to continue the wedding concept. Once you have approved your florist’s design for your bouquet, the rest of your wedding flowers will flow from, and be inspired by it.

There are many shapes of bridal bouquet to choose from including posy, nosegay, cascading and arm sheaf, and your florist will use images or sketches of your dress, your body shape and your own preferences in the design of your bouquet. As a general rule a dramatic wedding dress such as a ball gown or empire line dress will stand up well to a large bouquet, whereas a more close-fitting dress such as a mermaid or sheaf dress, or a bride with a petite frame, will probably warrant a smaller bouquet to avoid the dress being overpowered. As a general rule your bouquet should be narrower than your waist if you do not want it to hide your beautiful curves.

Images: Anushe Low {via Style Me Pretty} // Michelle Boyd Photography {via Love My Dress}

Many brides worry about how to correctly hold their bouquet as most will not have had any experience with this in the past. It is very important to resist the temptation to clutch your bouquet tightly with both hands at your waist as this will lift your shoulders and cause your collarbone to protrude. Instead, try to hold your bouquet in a relaxed but secure grip in one hand and to position the bouquet across your hips. You may also find that the hand holding your bouquet will start to rise, apparently with a mind of its own, until your bouquet is held much higher than your hip. Try to concentrate on relaxing your arm if this begins to happen, and try not to worry about dropping your bouquet.

As the bridal bouquet is such an exquisite and utterly unique creation, it is so important to show it off as much as possible. If you’re having a civil ceremony you should consider placing your bouquet on the registrar’s table during the ceremony so that your guests can admire it before and after the ceremony. Another lovely idea is to place your bouquet at the front of your top table as another piece of floral decoration, and you could even place your maid of honour’s and bridesmaids’ posies next to it for a dramatic look.

Images: Ellie Gillard {via Ruffled} // Naomi Kenton

You probably won’t have given the idea of drying your bouquet much thought up until now, but if you do intend to preserve your bouquet in this way then you may like to request that your florist creates a ‘dummy’ or ‘tossing’ bouquet. A tossing bouquet can be used in place of the bridal bouquet, and will generally be a much simpler version of the bridal bouquet. By paying a bit extra for a tossing bouquet you can ensure that your bridal bouquet will survive your wedding day intact and ready for drying.

--Lottie ♥

Love Heart Feature // Homemade Events

Today on the Lace & Love Hearts blog I am featuring Somerset and Devon-based wedding and events company, Homemade Events!

Homemade Events is owned and run by two sisters, Ellouise and Flo, from the gorgeous rural setting of Somerset. It was created in order to take the stress away from planning a wedding, while also maintaining a strong sense of being handmade and completely centred around the happy couple.

This is wedding planning which is totally guided by the client and which places a great deal of importance on being highly personal and unique. Ellouise and Flo are there to make your dream of the perfect wedding come true through close attention to detail and tried and tested organisation skills.

The Lace & Love Hearts blog: Ellouise and Flo, welcome to the featured suppliers section of the Lace & Love Hearts blog. Creating a Love Heart Feature dedicated to Homemade Events has been absolutely delightful! How did Homemade Events begin?

Homemade Events: Well we both love any excuse for a party and we’re super organised so as soon as Ellouise got engaged we couldn’t wait to start the planning! Everything was homemade from scratch and every detail was thought about, from the glitter covered tumblers to the bunting and pom poms. We got complimented continuously throughout the day and for months afterwards. So, along with the compliments and the end of wedding high, we didn’t want it to end! So we decided to put our skills into an events company, Homemade Events.

L&LH: It is so wonderful that two sisters share such a passion for wedding and event planning. Do you think that being sisters means you work better together than most wedding planning partnerships?

HE: Absolutely! Like most sisters we have a very tight bond and come from a close family which means everything to us. We work really well together and bounce our ideas off of each other. We know each other so well, and our brainstorming sessions can sometimes be hilarious, finishing each other’s sentences, and guessing what the other is going to say before they even say it! We’re extremely passionate about what we do and we want this to reflect in our work.  After all we are family and you can’t change that!

L&LH: Why should brides and grooms consider hiring Homemade Events above competing wedding planning companies?

HE: Homemade Events is about creating lasting memories and giving each individual that chooses to use us the celebration they deserve without putting in the unnecessary hard work. We go the extra mile and add a personal homemade touch that will set your event above the rest. We offer different packages for different events and for different budgets. We both know that costs can spiral and they can add unnecessary stress to your event: we want to help you avoid the stress and worry!

L&LH: You are so lucky to be based in such a beautiful part of the UK! How far are you willing to travel for a client?

HE: As far as it takes us. We are more than happy to travel for our clients and if it means a trip away we aren’t complaining!

L&LH: Can you tell me a little about the different packages you have on offer for brides and grooms?

HE: We have three packages, the first is our Pom Pom wedding package aimed at Brides and Grooms wanting a stress free planning process from start to finish, as an added extra we will supply homemade pom poms to brighten up the décor. Secondly our Glitter Party package is aimed at clients who have something to celebrate. We put together a personalised proposal based on their requirements and go from there; they can also use our fantastic sequin table cloth for their special event. And lastly our Pick ‘n’ Mix package offers a complete bespoke planning service which can cater for as little or as much as you need.

L&LH: How far ahead of their wedding day should a couple approach you?

HE:  Ideally within months after the engagement but everyone is different. It is hard to know what route to go down and some couples take a lot longer to get started than others. We can plan a wedding years in advance or months and will be there for the couple as little or as much as is needed.

L&LH: How can my brides and grooms find out more about Homemade Events and your services?

HE: We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest so there are plenty of ways to get in touch! Our website should have all the information that they need but they can use the old fashioned way and pick up the phone as well.


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What Lottie Loves This Week // Boho Dream Catchers

Images: Mirelle Carmichael {via 100  Layer Cake} // Ace Photographs {via Style Me Pretty} // Etsy.com //  Hair and Makeup By Steph // Casamento Feito a Mao

This week I am loving bohemian dream catchers! These gorgeously romantic creations are usually made from a flexible willow hoop which supports a woven web of cotton, twine or wool, often strung with beads, feathers and crystals.

Dream catchers originated within Native American tribes and the native term for these enchanting items means ‘dream snare’. Dream catchers represent unity and the filtering out of bad dreams. It is thought that as dreams pass through the web, only pleasant ones are able to complete the journey. Can you imagine anything more perfectly suited to a wedding day!

Being so beautiful and easy to make, dream catchers lend themselves well to incorporation within your wedding day setup. They can be used as decoration, printed on wedding stationery, as jewellery or as favours for your guests.

If you’re keen to include dream catchers at your wedding, why not get your best girls together for a crafty evening and ask each of them to make their own dream catcher. You can use the resulting creations as highly personal venue decoration, and they double up as beautiful keepsakes to treasure once the big day has taken place.

--Lottie ♥

Advice // Could A Winter Wedding Be Right For You?

Image: Arina B Photography {via Ruffled}

Winter wedding season is finally upon us and I have to say that, for me, there’s nothing quite like a festive wedding to add a spark of magic to winter’s dark and cold days. In fact, I love winter weddings so much I had one myself!

There are many benefits to hosting a wedding in the winter which I’d like to draw your attention to, aside from the intrinsically enchanting atmosphere of celebrations held at this time of year. Take a look at the points below to see if a winter wedding could be right for you…

Winter weddings are often a little more budget-friendly:

Many venues have cottoned on recently to the upsurge in brides and grooms choosing to host a winter wedding, however some still charge far less during the colder months. As long as you stay away from the Christmas period, it is likely that your venue will offer you a reduced price that can be anywhere from ten to fifty percent lower than the summer prices. You may also find that wedding suppliers and planners lower their prices in the winter to ensure a constant flow of clients year round.

Wedding venues often display decorations for the festive season, so the amount of money you need to set aside for decorations and flowers could be lower if you choose to incorporate or rely entirely on existing items. Just be sure to double check when the venue decorations go up and when they come down.

Images: Betsi Ewing {via Style Me Pretty} // Pinterest // Gideon Photography {via The Frosted Petticoat}

Something a little different:

As the vast majority of weddings take place in spring and summer in the UK, it is likely that your wedding will be the only one within your immediate circle scheduled during the winter months. If you want to distinguish yourself from the other weddings planned in a given year, then choosing to host your special day during the wedding ‘down-time’ could do the trick. It’s also lovely to give your loved ones something bright and sparkly to look forward to as the nights draw in.

Greater availability of wedding suppliers:

Sometimes the best wedding suppliers and venues are so busy during the popular spring and summer months that you need to book them two years or more in advance! For brides and grooms who do not want a long engagement, it would be that you simply cannot get anywhere near them if you choose to get married during their busiest periods. However, you may be able to book a popular supplier or venue during the winter months when they are a little more quiet.

Gorgeous winter wedding attire:

I am a huge fan of wedding dresses, particularly ones designed for winter brides! But as well as gorgeous dresses, winter brides also have the option of adding a faux fur stole or cape, or a cozy cardigan to their outfit to keep them warm during the journey to the venue. There’s just something so romantic about fur placed against lace!

Images: Whitewall Photography {via Atypical Type A} // Valerie Busque {via Style Me Pretty} // Pinterest

More of your guest list will be able to attend:

Most people schedule their main family holiday during the summer, so you may find that lots of the people on your guest list are already busy with a prior engagement if you host a summer wedding. Scheduling your wedding for the winter months may mean that more of your guests are able to attend your big day.

The cons of a winter wedding:

While there are plenty of great reasons to host a winter wedding, there are a few negative points to consider. The first and most obvious being the chance of bad weather! Snow just before the wedding takes place could mean that some of your suppliers and guests cannot make it to the venue. There really is no fix to this issue, however I would suggest that you buy wedding insurance if you decide to go for a winter wedding, just in case.

Another con is to do with flowers. You will probably find that your choice is a little restricted in the winter, and the flowers that are available could be expensive when compared to their summer price. This will be due to the need to import flowers from warmer climates. If you are on a tight budget or if you are hosting an eco-friendly wedding, then you may like to consider paper or silk flowers.

--Lottie ♥

Advice // Keeping Little Wedding Guests Entertained

Image: Style Me Pretty {unknown photographer}

As you can imagine, it is incredibly important to keep little wedding guests as busy and entertained as possible throughout your big day. Most brides and grooms are not keen on the idea of having every single guest’s attention shifted away from them and onto a bored and disruptive child. If you agree then you should spend a bit of time and money on making provisions for them. Entertaining children can take many forms, including professional event nannies, a full on wedding day crèche, children’s entertainers, a craft station, and activity packs full of things to keep little fingers and minds busy.

A short note of caution before we continue. Including children on your guest list isn’t for everyone, so I would advise you to sit down with your fiancé and talk the idea through in detail if you’re leaning towards permitting children to attend. You may find that they do not agree. Adding children to your guest list will make your wedding more expensive due to increased catering costs and the cost of keeping them entertained. On the flip side, excluding children is also a fantastic way of causing offence if it is not handled carefully and sensitively. However, while including children will add a few tasks to your to do list, there is nothing quite like the atmosphere of a wedding where children are welcome. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but children add a certain sense of magic, wonder and youth to a wedding which is noticeably lacking without them.

Image: Bodie & Fou

Event nannies and wedding crèches:

If you’re on the lookout for a service which will provide your younger wedding guests with games, crafts and entertainment for the duration of your wedding, then event nannies or a mobile crèche should be your first choice. Generally speaking, a wedding crèche will take place in a separate room and will act as a place to drop kids off before the wedding ceremony, and to collect them at the end of the night. The best wedding crèches will include a slumber zone (where children can have a nap), and a private and comfortable breast feeding area for nursing mums.

It is true that event nannies and wedding crèches are the most expensive way of looking after your little wedding guests; however you will be able to enjoy your day to the full while the kiddies have fun in another room. Also, mums and dads are guaranteed to appreciate some time to enjoy the wedding properly while their little angels are cared for by a professional company. It’s a win win situation!

Image: Paul Underhill

Children’s entertainers:

If you’re not sure that your budget can stretch to event nannies or a wedding day crèche, but you still want the children to be entertained, you could consider employing a children’s entertainer. Children’s entertainers will occupy your children for between one and two hours so that their parents are free to attend your marriage ceremony without worrying about their children getting bored. Popular options for entertainers include clowns, princesses, magicians, fairies and pirates, and they should be stationed in a separate room from your wedding reception so that the children can concentrate on and hear the entertainer properly.

Oh, and while I adore face painting, my advice is to steer clear of this form of entertainment on this occasion as parents may have spent a lot of money dressing their little ones for your big day.

Image: Trent Bailey Photography {via The Knot}

Craft stations:

Craft stations are an excellent way of keeping children busy and stimulated, while allowing them to be part of your wedding day activities. Crèches and entertainers usually look after children in a separate room; however with a craft station it’s easy to set one up in the main reception room as it won’t take up too much space. Craft stations will provide a focal point for children to be creative, to exercise their artistic flare and to engage with the other children present at the wedding. Popular items to place on a craft station include pencils, crayons, paper, card, tissue paper, colouring books, stickers, safety scissors, glue sticks, glitter, bubbles, glow sticks, novelty toys, balloons, pipe cleaners and pompoms. Steer clear of paints and felt tip pens as they can make a real mess of fingers and clothes! Remember to encourage the children to take their artworks home with them at the end of the night.

Image: Helen Lisk Photography {via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings}

Activity packs:

Perhaps the most simple and cost effective way of keeping your youngest guests happy is to create and hand out personalised activity packs. All of the items listed above in the craft stations section can be placed in activity packs, and activity packs can be taken home at the end of the night if the child hasn’t finished playing with the contents. Simple!

--Lottie ♥


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