Advice // Sharing the Wedding Planning Load

Images: Gabe Aceves {Style Me Pretty}

Planning a wedding is something which you just can’t do all on your own; no matter how passionate and organised a person you may be. And anyway, where’s the fun in such a solitary existence? A wedding really is a family event and it’s something which belongs to everyone who’s name appears on the guest list, and rightly so. While the bride and groom are the most important people at the wedding, your family and close friends will also be excited about the big day, and will have a vested interest in making sure that it runs as smoothly as possible, and is a worthy celebration of the love you two share.

Don't do it all yourself:

My advice to newly engaged couples is always to share the load; don’t try to do everything on your own as this will only cause a meltdown, and you may end up leaving your near and dear feeling a bit left out. Your parents, maid of honour, best man, bridesmaids and other female or male friends and family members will be so keen to assist you with your plans, and will have so many wonderful ideas for making your day truly unique. Utilise this creative force and reap the benefits! If you’re not sure where to begin regarding assigning tasks to your loved ones it’s always best to organise a get-together at your home, or in a relaxed location where you can talk freely. Request that everyone who is interested in helping out could bring with them some ideas of what they would like to take responsibility for. It is then very important that you meet with your ‘team’ on a regular basis to check on their progress, and don’t be afraid to gently nudge them in a different direction if you’re not sure about the way their plans are going.

Don't forget about the Mr:

It’s also very important not to leave your fiancé out of the wedding planning process if he expresses an interest in helping out. Some men aren’t really very involved when it comes to styling and theming a wedding, while others will want to dive straight in! If you’re hubby-to-be is keen on taking a few tasks off your hands then ask him to search for attire for himself and his groomsmen, to research honeymoon destinations, to track down a band or DJ and to book wedding day transportation for you and your guests. These tasks are a little more ‘manly’, so he should feel happy and confident in completing them.

Dealing with overenthusiastic friends/relatives:

I will finish this post with a little bit of advice for handling overenthusiastic or overbearing friends or relatives. Occasionally a bride and groom will have to deal with someone who has gotten a little bossy when it comes to planning the wedding, and there are many reasons why this may become an issue. Most of the time the offending individual will be so consumed by ‘wedding fever’ that they go a little over the top and try to take over if they feel that you’re not doing a good enough job. This type of behaviour is most common when the bride and groom are very young, or when one of your parents or guardians is particularly protective. The best way of dealing with this is to politely but firmly say that all final decisions are to be made between yourself and your fiancé. You cannot allow anyone to force you into a decision which you don’t feel comfortable with, but remember that this enthusiasm is coming from the heart…most of the time! Communication is key here, as is handling all conversations politely and maturely. Never argue with your parents, in-laws or friends about your wedding as it will only serve to create a negative atmosphere around a very positive event.

--Lottie ♥