What Lottie Loves This Week // Chocolate Wedding Cakes

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This week I am loving chocolate wedding cakes! As the festive season is now in full swing it is time to let go of our healthy-eating habits and diets in favour of deliciously sinful treats made from the sweet and naughty! December is the time for treating ourselves to chocolates, cakes, rich and indulgent foods, and perhaps a few too many glasses of fizz with the family. I really do love Christmas!

In celebration of this lavish time of year I have created the above mood board, made exclusively from the most delicious-looking and decadent chocolate wedding cakes.

Not everyone is attracted to the traditional tiered cake covered in ivory icing and sugar flowers, some brides and grooms will be searching for something a little different. Winter brides and grooms in particular may be looking for something a little more indulgent and comforting as the nights get longer and the weather turns colder.

You really can’t go far wrong with a chocolate cake! It is guaranteed to impress your guests and keep everyone’s energy reserves topped us ready for ripping up the dance floor.

--Lottie ♥

What Lottie Loves This Week // Sequin Tablecloths

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This week I am loving sparkly sequin tablecloths! Table linen often gets forgotten about while you are planning your wedding tablescape, however it’s so important to get right or the whole ‘look’ of your tables will be compromised.

White or cream table linen looks lovely if you’re going for a traditional look or if you have a very abundant tablescape and don’t want to take any attention away from it. However, if you’re looking for something different and a little more luxe then a sequin tablecloth would be perfect! Sequin tablecloths add texture and sparkle to your tablescape and may mean that you don’t need to add lots of decoration or flowers to achieve the desired look.

Sequin tablecloths are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your wedding breakfast tables, dessert table or cake table and can be picked up on eBay, Etsy or within online wedding boutiques for between £20 and £150 depending on the quality and size required. You can even hire them!

--Lottie ♥

What Lottie Loves This Week // Boho Dream Catchers

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This week I am loving bohemian dream catchers! These gorgeously romantic creations are usually made from a flexible willow hoop which supports a woven web of cotton, twine or wool, often strung with beads, feathers and crystals.

Dream catchers originated within Native American tribes and the native term for these enchanting items means ‘dream snare’. Dream catchers represent unity and the filtering out of bad dreams. It is thought that as dreams pass through the web, only pleasant ones are able to complete the journey. Can you imagine anything more perfectly suited to a wedding day!

Being so beautiful and easy to make, dream catchers lend themselves well to incorporation within your wedding day setup. They can be used as decoration, printed on wedding stationery, as jewellery or as favours for your guests.

If you’re keen to include dream catchers at your wedding, why not get your best girls together for a crafty evening and ask each of them to make their own dream catcher. You can use the resulting creations as highly personal venue decoration, and they double up as beautiful keepsakes to treasure once the big day has taken place.

--Lottie ♥


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